Monday, February 4, 2008

Crazy Old Bum (Chapter 4)

After I paid, I walked out and proceeded to head towards the river. I was all done with my shopping list and needed to meet up with my buddy at Kell’s. This was a regular place for him and I. As I turned the corner and headed towards the Burnside Bridge, an old homeless man started yelling at me.

“The end is near!” he yelled. “The end is near!” Then we made eye contact as I walked by. “You! You can stop it!” he yelled at me as he started walking towards me. I started feeling very uncomfortable, but there was light at the end of the tunnel. On the other side of the bridge were some officers on horses. I wanted to get closer to them so the homeless man would leave me alone. “You! You can stop the end of the world!” he ranted as he got closer to me.

“You got it buddy. I’ll take care of it.” I responded as a reflex from my discomfort. I walked faster away from him as I passed underneath the bridge. Finally, when the homeless man noticed the officers’ proximity, he backed off. I made it safely to the Skidmore Fountain block.

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